FEED RITUAL, MAXIMUM CARE AND NUTRITION     We are what feeds us A ritual that was born to care for and maintain the optimal level of nutrients to care for the hair, an intensive treatment for the salon, which combines the action of avocado, sweet almond and andiroba oil. With Ritual Feed restructures and

Colors & Blond: Greensoho professional hair color cream

-	Born to be hair
Greensoho presents its new coloration, formulated with organic oils and phytocosmetic ingredients. Its wide range of colors, composed of 108 shades, has been designed to provide a completely professional and solution and also respectful to the scalp. Discover the new warm and cool browns, within Colors. In addition, you will also find the most sophisticated

Greenplex Deco: lightening and protection

Among the works carried out in the salon, hair lightening is one of the most delicate, since an excess in the time of exposure or in the amounts applied can suppose a loss in the quality of the hair. Thanks to Greenplex Deco the new Greensoho lightener powder, you can lighten more than 7 tones

Welcome to Greensoho. For a conscious beauty

bienvenido greensoho
Welcome to Greensoho. We are delighted to meet you through this new site. We invite you to explore a new concept of professional hair cosmetics. We believe in the synergy of cosmetics—effectiveness, science and nature. We bet on a cosmetic and a better hair care. We think of highly cosmetic professional solutions with the use