Greenplex Deco: lightening and protection

Among the works carried out in the salon, hair lightening is one of the most delicate, since an excess in the time of exposure or in the amounts applied can suppose a loss in the quality of the hair.

Thanks to Greenplex Deco the new Greensoho lightener powder, you can lighten more than 7 tones in a single treatment, achieving the maximum cosmeticity and safety.

Greenplex lightens, protects and conditions thanks to its twofold multi-cosmetic action. Its formula, with a high concentration of polyamines, amino acid sugars and conditioning agents, protects hair by strengthening hair bonds leaving it perfectly conditioned, making it stronger and more resistant during the rinsing process.

The color is uniform from roots to ends neutralizing the underlying yellow tones, thereby averting any halo effect. Discover more of the new Greenplex Deco.

> Discover more of the new Greenplex Deco.