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Greenplex Deco bleaching guarantees multi-protective action in all bleaching services in the salon. Greenplex is the new technology that, in synergy with the bleaching components, protects the hair from the shielding of the union of the capillary bonds.


Greensoho offers maximum respect for the hair fiber, achieving a uniform color from roots to ends, neutralizing the underlying yellows. Up to 7 shades of lightening in a regular service and more than 7 with more exposure time without damaging the hair. Break-resistant hair. Hair cared and conditioned.

With Greenplex the color is uniform from roots to ends. Neutralizes the underlying yellow tones, so there is no fringe effect.

  • Lightens more than 7 shades in a single service with maximum cosmeticity for safe technical work.

  • The exposure time can be prolonged according to the desired result, reaching the maximum level of discoloration.

  • The color is uniform from roots to ends, without a fringe effect.

  • Its formula, with a high concentration of polyamines, amino acid sugars and conditioning agents, protects the union of the stacked fibers and leaves the hair perfectly conditioned, making it stronger and more resistant during the lightening process.

Mix the required quantity of Greenplex with 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume oxidant cream in a non-metallic container. Approximately one part powder to two parts cream oxidant.

Once a homogeneous mixture is obtained, apply generously with a brush, starting at the top where the hair is darkest. Leave the product to act for 30 to 50 minutes.

After achieving the desired background, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and towel dry the hair.

Polyamines, amino acid sugars and conditioning agents.


1000 mg

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