raibow zero shampoo
raibow zero shampoo


Raibow.Zero Shampoo, formulated with rooibos, is designed to give more life to colored, bleached, or highlighted hair. Antioxidant action.

Rainbow.Zero Shampoo is a shampoo created with the aim of caring for and maintaining color in colored, bleached or highlighted hair. This type of hair needs specific care to keep the color intact for longer. In addition, colored hair tends to be drier, so they need specific products to nourish and protect them.


Formulated with rooibos, Rainbow.Zero Shampoo is a powerful natural antioxidant, very rich in nutrients such as vitamins B and C, which delay hair aging and protect the color in colored hair for longer.

In addition, Rainbow.Zero Shampoo incorporates a UV Filter, which protects hair from the effects of the sun, which tends to make hair drier and accelerates the loss of color in colored hair. Thanks to the protection of the UV filter, the hair remains protected from the sun’s rays and more hydrated.

  • Prevents color oxidation and damage caused by the passage of time.
  • Enhance the color.
  • Hydrates in depth.
  • Soft and shiny hair.
  • Protects hair from sun rays.
  • Maintains hair hydration.

Rainbow.Zero shampoo is Greensoho’s shampoo specially designed for colored, bleached or highlighted hair.

Rainbow.Zero Shampoo contains Rooibos and UV Filter.

Rooibos. Powerful natural antioxidant. Its contribution in nutrients such as vitamin C, B and carotenes favor the delay in hair aging and the protection of color in dyed hair.

UV filter. Protects hair from sun rays and keeps hair hydrated for longer.

Apply Rainbow.Zero Shampoo on damp hair and massage until obtaining a homogeneous emulsion. Rinse with plenty of water. If necessary, carry out a second application.


250 / 1000 ml

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