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Nourishing and protective professional coloring with ingredients of vegetable origin in a wide range of colors. A responsible coloring designed to achieve the maximum protection and hydration conditions in the color application phase.

Its formula is based on the rich synergy of 5 organic vegetable oils (wild rose, olive, grape, sunflower and corn), with natural phytocosmetic assets with moisturizing, regenerating and antioxidant properties. The synergy of these noble oils increases the penetrating action of the micropigments in the hair fiber, providing nourishing lipids to the hair cuticle and enhancing the cosmetological quality of the coloring.


  • With a great regenerative power, wild rose ensures penetration into the hair fiber, ensuring maximum use of the synergy of the 5 oils.
  • With a high content of nutrients, the olive has emollient and lubricating properties.
  • The properties of the grape seed seed neutralize free radicals, protecting the hair from external aggressions. The hair maintains its natural shine, prolonging the duration of the color.
  • Sunflower oil conditions hair during the coloring process. Provides softness and shine.
  • Rich in vitamin C, corn germ oil deeply nourishes and hydrates hair and has antioxidant properties.


  • Oats, soybeans and wheat by hydrolysis are an excellent alternative to proteins of animal origin. They create a barrier effect against possible irritations on the scalp. Its qualities are protective, biostimulant and restorative.
  • A莽a铆 from Brazil is a berry packed with nutrients and energizing properties. Known as the “elixir of eternal youth”, it has great antioxidant properties, which is why it provides great protection and duration of color.
  • Argan oil from Morocco, is a rich source of Vitamin E, an elixir for hydration and conditioning of the hair during the coloring process.

Colors & blond provides the hair with the maximum hydration and protection conditions in the application phase, resulting in bright and bright colors with exceptional shine, guaranteeing total coverage of white hair.


Natural, intense natural, ash, gold, warm and cold browns, coppers, mahogany and reddish, violins and shades.

  • 100% coverage of white hair.
  • Long-lasting permanent color.
  • Formula enriched with phytocosmetic active ingredients that prolongs the duration of color.
  • Maximum hydration and protection conditions in the application phase.

1 +1.5

Mix evenly, in a non-metallic container, 100 ml of Greensoho cream coloring with 150 ml of Oxicolor oxidant cream (10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes). Apply with a brush on dry, not washed hair. Use the desired technique. Maximum exposure time 35 minutes. After the exposure time, carefully emulsify with a little water and rinse the hair well.

First application (non-colored hair)

Begin the application on lengths and ends and leave for 15 minutes. Then apply to roots and leave for 30 minutes. Total exposure time 45 minutes. Carefully emulsify with a little water and rinse the hair well.

Subsequent applications

Begin the application in roots leaving 25 minutes. Then spread on lengths and ends and leave for 10 minutes. Total exposure time 35 minutes. Emulsify carefully with a little water and rinse the hair well.

5 organic vegetable oils:

  • wild rose
  • olive
  • grape seed seed
  • sunflower
  • corn germ

Hydrolyzed oats, soybeans and wheat.

With a莽a铆 from Brazil and argan oil.


100 ml

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