Oxicolor greensoho
Oxicolor greensoho
Oxicolor greensoho
Oxicolor greensoho

/ Oxicolor

Oxidizing emulsion in cream stabilized and formulated for a delicate mixture. Protects and conditions, improving the absorption of color and taking care of the shine of your hair.

  • Dense, creamy texture that guarantees a uniform, easy-to-apply mixture.
  • Oxicolor encourages the penetration of the pigment in the hair, protecting it during the entire coloring treatment.
  • Its conditioning cationic agents are a cosmetic solution to achieve shiny, luminous hair that is full of vitality.

Mix 100 ml of Greensoho cream hair dye with 150 ml of Oxicolor hair developer emulsion in a non-metallic container. Apply to dry, unwashed hair with a brush. Employ your desired technique, with a maximum exposure time of 35 minutes.

Parabens, silicones, PEG, PPG, OGM, hars perfums


1 000 ml / 20 and 30 volumes available in 75 ml

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