activador de rizos power.on


Power.On is a curl activator specially designed to get the most out of waves and curls. Carefully formulated to create defined, bouncy curls without matting, restoring the most natural look to curly hair.


Power.On does not contain silicones or drying alcohols in its formula, which makes it a suitable product for both followers of the Curly Girl method and for clients with curly or wavy hair. None of the ingredients used are of animal origin.

  • Defined, elastic and controlled curl.
  • Provides hydration and shine.
  • Anti-frizz control.
  • Stronger, more resistant hair.
  • Greater manageability of the hair.
  • Firm curls for longer.

Curly or wavy.

  • Chia seeds. Native to central and southern Mexico, chia is high in protein, fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals. The polysaccharides from these seeds act on the hair, generating a flexible protective film that gives the hair extreme strength, helping to structure the hair and thus define the curl. In addition, it protects against loss of color in dyed hair.

Apply to damp hair and blow or air dry. For a greater volume, blow dry. It can be used on dry hair, in less quantity, to reactivate the curls. No rinsing is needed.


250 ml

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