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A ritual that was born to care for and maintain the optimal level of nutrients to care for the hair, an intensive treatment for the salon, which combines the action of avocado, sweet almond and andiroba oil.

With Ritual Feed restructures and fills the hair fiber from the roots, achieving visibly healthier, softer and shinier hair.



  • Feed.Zero is indicated for hair that needs an extra dose of hydration, especially recommended for hair that has undergone chemical lightening work, is porous and brittle, as it provides the necessary nutrients to rehydrate the fiber and return the hair to its smoother appearance. healthy.




1.Perform a moisturizing hair bath with Zero Shampoo. Before applying, gently rub a hazelnut of the shampoo in the palms of your hands to activate the active ingredients. Perform a gentle massage on the scalp, exerting adequate pressure and making circular movements. The massage will allow us to increase the exposure time of the shampoo, providing intense hydration and rebalancing the interior of the hair fiber.

3. Moisten a towel with hot water and wrap it around your head to create a vapor effect, dilating the pore and helping the mask penetrate deeper into the hair. Leave an exposure time of 10 minutes.

5. Once the brushing is done, seal it with Zero Serum, which will help to completely close the hair cuticle and thus finish the hydration process.

2. Rinse hair with plenty of water, at medium temperature. Remove 60% moisture from hair with a towel. Apply between one and two nuts of Zero Mask in a bowl and apply with a brush throughout the hair, avoiding the roots, comb it once you have applied it to spread the product well.

4. Rinse the hair thoroughly until all the product is removed. Remove excess moisture with a towel and apply one to two pumps of Zero Leave in cream, depending on the density of the hair, and distribute it from the middle to the ends. Let it act for 2 minutes so that it can penetrate the hair. After the time, proceed to drying.




For proper maintenance, recommend Feed.Zero Shampoo for home to strengthen hair and control frizz. It can be alternated with Waterfalls.Zero Shampoo, for finer hair. Once a week recommends applying Feed.Zero Mask.


Feed.Zero Shampoo, with acid Ph, cleanses and nourishes the hair in depth, formulated with avocado, restores the hair fiber of dry, porous and damaged hair.


Feed.Zero Mask, with acid Ph, provides softness, luminosity, prevents the formation of split ends. Contains avocado, which favors the repair of the most damaged and lacking in vitality hair.


Feed.Zero Leave in cream, with avocado and sweet almonds, deeply repairs the damage caused to the midshaft and ends by external agents, such as heat or pollution. Helps control frizz, acting as an intensive nourishing treatment.


Feed.Zero Serum, enriched with avocado and andiroba oil, deeply hydrates and strengthens dry, damaged and damaged hair. It prevents frizz, promotes combability and prevents breakage.

Feed.Zero línea nutritiva Greensoho

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