Feed.Zero l铆nea nutritiva Greensoho
aceite andiroba


Feed.Zero serum deeply hydrates and strengthens dry, damaged and damaged hair. Provides softness and shine.

Its formula with avocado and andiroba oil, prevents hair frizz, while repairing split ends and facilitating styling.


Andiroba oil is rich in fatty acids, soft in texture and quickly absorbed by the hair fiber.


Feed.Zero’s complete treatment and nutrition line will give the hair an extra dose of hydration, repairing the hair from the inside. It is the perfect ritual for the driest, most damaged and damaged hair.

  • Nourishes in depth.
  • Avoid frizz.
  • Provides shine.
  • Repair split ends.
  • Facilitates styling.

Feed.Zero serum is especially indicated to return dry, damaged and / or porous hair to its healthier appearance.

In addition, it is especially recommended for hair with a tendency to frizz and with split ends.

Feed.Zero serum contains avocado. The high content of proteins and minerals that it has, have a restored, softening and strengthening effect on the hair.

It combines its action with andiroba oil, from the Amazon, it is a repairing oil, rich in fatty acids, with a smooth texture and very fast absorption by the hair fiber.

Apply one or two doses of Feed.Zero Serum in the palm of the hand. Distribute on dry or damp hair from medium to ends evenly. Dry according to the desired technique.


50 ml

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