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Volume On Greensoho


Volume.On cream is developed to create an effect of more body and density in the finest hair, with a soft and shiny finish. Volume.On hydrates and conditions the hair without adding weight and facilitating any drying technique.

Greensoho has developed its Styling line by combining the most respectful laboratory formulas for hair with specially selected ingredients from nature, to offer the best styling results.

Complete the treatment with Globe.Zero shampoo specially designed for fine hair without volume.

  • Anti-frizz effect.
  • Gives body and volume to fine hair.
  • Stronger, shiny and hydrated hair.
  • Ideal for any drying technique.
  • Prevents split ends.
  • Improves hair elasticity.

Fine hair.

  • Green tea: Discovered in China over 4000 years ago, green tea has antioxidant and purifying properties that promote strong and healthy hair growth. Hydrates, adds shine and helps to control frizz.


  • Argan oil: From Morocco, it is rich in oleic acid, vitamin E, polyphenols and linoleic acid. Stimulates hair growth, provides hydration and prevents frizz.


  • Sweet almond: Rich in vitamin E and omega 6, it hydrates, strengthens and adds shine. Prevents split ends.

Apply to damp hair along the entire length of the hair with a comb. Massage until completely absorbed. Next, dry.


250 ml