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Gravity zero
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gravity zero shampoo


GreenSoho’s Gravity.Zero Shampoo anti-hair loss shampoo has been specifically developed to treat devitalized, very fine and fragile hair with a tendency to fall and breakage.

It sizes the hair, helps to reduce breakage and hair loss, combating the tendency of the weakest hair to fall from the first application.


Formulated with natural active ingredients of botanical origin, this shampoo acts on the scalp during washing. At the same time that it improves its micro-blood circulation, it favors the activation of cells so that the hair grows stronger from the inside.

The Gravity.Zero shampoo acts as part of the anti-hair loss treatment. Increases capillary density from the inside helping to prevent breakage and hair loss.

It is recommended to use it together with Gravity.Zero lotion to achieve results from the first application.

  • Stimulates blood microcirculation on the scalp.
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Increases capillary density.
  • Hair grows stronger
  • Reduces capillary breakage
  • Prevents hair loss.

Gravity.Zero anti-hair loss shampoo specific for fine, weakened and fragile hair with a tendency to fall and breakage.

Active ingredients of botanical origin:

The combination of the Asian squletaria, soybean sprouts and wheat, stimulate hair growth, increase hair density, reduce hair loss and restore a healthy and strong appearance.

Spread Gravity.Zero Shampoo evenly on damp hair. Carry out a gentle massage to promote blood circulation in the scalp for 2-3 minutes to facilitate the penetration of the product and allow it to act. Rinse thoroughly.


250 / 1000 ml

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