Feed.Zero shampoo

feed zero shampoo
Feed.Zero línea nutritiva Greensoho
feed zero shampoo


Feed.Zero Shampoo was born to care for, nourish and restore the optimal level of nutrients for hair care.

A formula specially designed to repair the hair fiber of the driest, most damaged and porous hair, resulting in healthier, stronger and shinier hair from the first application.

Coming from Mexico and Central America, avocado is a perfect ally for punished, dry and damaged hair. Its high protein and mineral content gives the hair a restorative, softening and strengthening effect.

Greensoho has designed Feed.Zero, a complete treatment line specially designed to repair the most weakened hair. Its shampoo, mask, leave-in and serum restore the driest and most damaged hair, providing it with the dose of nutrition and hydration it needs to recover its healthier appearance.

  • Restructures and plumps the hair fiber from the roots.
  • Restores hair from the first application.
  • Visibly healthier hair.
  • Brings strength to hair.
  • Softer, shinier hair.
  • Controls frizz.
  • Deeply cleans.

Feed.Zero shampoo is especially indicated for damaged, porous and / or dry hair. As well as for brittle hair that has been exposed to straightening or permanent treatments that need a dose of nutrition. With the Feed.Zero line, hair is restored from the first application.


  • Avocado: From South America and Mexico, it is an excellent ally for strengthening and repairing the driest and most damaged hair. Unsaturated fats provide hair with intense hydration, strengthening the root and promoting hair regeneration.

Apply to wet hair and massage until a homogeneous emulsion is obtained. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if needed.


250 / 1000 ml

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